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Motorcycle engine oil - ELF MOTO 4 ROAD 10W-40

Motorcycle engine oil

Range: MOTO

Quality: Synthetic-based

Product range: Motorcycle

Viscosity: 10W-40

Product description

  • Viscosity controlled in relation to temperature: ELF MOTO4 ROAD 10W-40’s additives thicken the oil at high temperatures and give it fluidity at low temperatures. The correct oil film is obtained by controlling the viscosity in accordance with temperature using Viscosity Index Improvers. it's viscosity incorporates superior lubrication performance, ensuring easy cold start-ups, fast oil pressure rises and low friction between moving engine components.
  • Piston ring sealing, power gains: reduce piston ring groove fouling for optimum sealing during combustion. This ensures that the engine retains its full power.
  • Oxidation resistance: anti-oxidant additives which neutralise and slow down the oxidation process.
  • Anti-clutch slippage, disk protection: because of their molecular structure, the base oils are able to form a homogenous film between the clutch disks.

Standards & approvals

International classifications

  • API SN
  • JASO MA2