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Motorcycle engine oil - ELF MOTO 4 RACE 10W60

Motorcycle engine oil

Range: MOTO

Quality: Fully synthetic

Product range: Motorcycle

Viscosity: 10W-60

Product description

  • Engine cleanliness, maintains power: ELF MOTO 4 RACE 10W60's fully synthetic formula, has exceptional resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.
  • Its selected additives and 100% synthetic base oils prevent the formation of deposits and maintain hydrodynamic lubrication. Your engine stays clean and retains all of its power.
  • The HTHS viscosity (bearing viscosity, high temperature, high shear) of its additives improve viscosity rating and thicken the oil at high temperatures, whilst maintaining its fluidity at low temperatures.
  • This engine oil provides users with ideal performance in extreme pressure conditions. This flexible viscosity protects your engine thanks to its anti-wear properties even at the highest of speeds and in extreme load situations.

Standards & approvals

International classifications

  • API SN
  • JASO MA2